I don’t know if I want it dead or if I want to cuddle it.

Just bored at work.
It’s just me and you, pretty guy.

top 3 favourite 

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Lucille the Dog is such a darling angel I can’t even believe it.
Pharmacist Gone Rogue: baby’s’ first tincture.

sometimes the chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical

Clavaria zollingeri | ©Ken Beath   (Bola Creek, Royal NP, Australia)
This cool pinkish-violet coral fungus, commonly known as Violet coral or the Magenta coral, is one of the most beautiful fungi that can be found due to its color and shape.
Clavaria zollingeri (Clavariaceae) is found in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Asia, and Europe.
In Ireland it is considered a good indicator of sites with rich fungal diversity [source].

Plant Stand

That’s the thing I want.

Josef Šíma

i had my last sewing class today and I probably won’t be able to take another one for a few months. this is upsetting.¬†